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romantic comedy

cowritten by Annie Mare & Ruthie Knox

forthcoming – covers are for mood & vibes only

Everyone I Kissed Since You Got Famous

a celebrity home for the holidays makes a bet she doesn’t want to lose with her charismatic high school bestie

80,000 words | romance | LGBTQIA | F/F | celebrity | social media | holidays | contemporary | Swiftie | slow-burn
So To Speak

national high school debate champions sam & robin haven’t seen each other in twenty years when they’re thrown together to coach the worst debate team in history

80,000 words | romance | found family | M/F | reunion | hometown | single dad | contemporary | grumpy/sunshine | slow-burn
Tell Me Something

angela hears voices (but it’s okay). joel is entirely too famous for someone with social anxiety (though angela’s never heard of him). they eat lunch together at the same vegan food truck every day. probably nothing weird will happen.

80,000 words | romance | odd couple | M/F | celebrity | sports hero | contemporary | extra-slow-burn | friends to lovers
The One before 'The One'

for a decade, mike & taylor have been hooking up every year when taylor visits her hometown for the summer music festival. maybe it’s time to move on.

80,000 words | romance | fling | M/F | rules | city/country | contemporary | off-limits

free romance novella

* The fictional equivalent of a cup of chamomile tea
* Low/no angst
* Grumpy+Sunshine
* Fluff/Steam/relaxing and humorous read
* Cats, mom librarians, intense competence p@rn served by a main character

Ne Plus Ultra is the viral word game of the moment, bringing the world together as everyone solves the same daily puzzle and no one spoils the solution.

Enter Nic Bellman.

In her defense, it was a bad day. She couldn’t sleep. People were being a way on the Internet. Surely she wasn’t the first person in the whole world to rage-spoil the daily Ne Plus Ultra?

But she was. She so, so was. According to the New York Times, even.

So Nic’s very confused when, in the blazing fire that has overtaken her DMs, mentions, and timeline, she finds a reach-out from the Ne Plus Ultra account. And they’re not mad. In fact, they’re just one person, John Corbel, and to Nic’s surprise, he wants to meet her—this woman who is not only the first person in the world to annihilate the warm fuzzies his game has generated, but whose impulsive action has also disrupted John’s sale of the app to a gaming company.

When they meet, she’s still a little worried he’s going to serve her with a lawsuit, but instead he offers her cookies. The most infectious smile she’s ever seen. Hours of the very best nerdy book talk.

Could falling in love really be the ultimate solution?



the prairie nightingale series

cowritten by Annie Mare & Ruthie Knox